Recover My SD Card

Have you accidentally deleted or lost some of the photos or videos from your SD card? Need not get perplexed on such happening; simply make use of the tool named as Recover My SD Card. This app scans each of the memory space of the SD card and provides required files in matter of couple of minutes. Since, storage card like SD card is used upon multiple numbers of electronic gadgets for different reasons that range from simple activity like saving media files to storing confidential files. As this sort of files are of great importance for owner of the card, henceforth, if any of the file gets deleted or lost while perceiving any act can tend to become catastrophic situation. Some of the scenarios which puts users in a situation where they need to look-out for tool which can be used to sort query like ”how to recover my micro SD card?” are accidental deletion, deletion while previewing, improper ejection and unintentional formatting.

Let’s learn about the circumstances which can lead to above mentioned data loss scenario in detail one by one. Obviously one of the repeated ways of file missing from saved location is due to accidental deletion. Usually this occurs when user need to delete some other junk file from the card but, eventually end up erasing a few of the treasured files in hurry. Similar sort of situation arises when previewing of image is being done either on camera or on any attached system. In such situation if accidentally deletion command is applied, then, a pitiful situation appears where users need to recover deleted photos from camera.

Formatting is other commonly happening photo loss circumstance, which if applied unintentionally erases each of the files saved over the SD card. This can happen while toying with the settings of the camera, formatting the card when intending to format some other drive of the system and many more. Many times a situation arises where users left with no option other than formatting, like corruption of file system. Since, we know that file system is responsible for saving, deleting or performing any other activity over SD card. So, if SD card gets corrupt and it at has to be reused then, only option left is formatting it, which would reset the file system. The file system of SD card can get corrupted due to number of reasons, such as improper ejection, virus attack, format error, etc.

One of the regular misconceptions about deletion or lost photo scenario over SD card is that if any how the desired file gets unavailable for use then, there is no scope of data recovery. Those narrow-minded people need to understand that when any photo is erased then only file detail is cleared from file system only and hence can be easily reclaimed back by simply implementation of Recover My SD Card application.

Some of the favorable features of Recover My SD Card software are:

  • Well equipped to function on various file systems such as FAT16, FAT32, ExtFAT, NTFS and NTFS5.
  • Restores back all the famous media file formats in matter of few minutes.
  • It provides great user interface that makes photo recovery quite easy.
  • Easily handles situations like SD card corruption, format and deletion.
  • Can be easily applied on various brands of camera brands like Nikon, Sony, Canon, Fujifilm, Olympus, Panasonic, Samsung, and Rollei.
  • Doesn’t requires any clumsy procedure to be followed for file recovery.
  • Task like recovering files from SD card on Mac can also be done with great ease.
  • Allows creation of recovery session, that would proof beneficial while making data recovery for the next time.

Follow simple steps for easy photo recovery:

Step 1: As you come to know about file loss over SD card, download and install this software. After installation is completed launch it, to open its Home Screen, as shown in Figure 1.

Recover My SD Card - Home Scren

Figure 1: Home Screen

Step 2: Select SD card from set of logical drives available over the system, and click Next as shown in Figure 2.

Recover My SD Card - Select SD Card

Figure 2: Select SD Card

Step 3: Once, scanning is completed on SD card, you can preview the photos, as shown in Figure 3.

Recover My SD Card - Preview

Figure 3: Preview

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